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I AM: Affirmations and The Power of The Mind

Selfish. Narcissistic. Spoiled. Entitled. Privileged. ADD. Anxious. Depressed. Stubborn. Tiring…

Do you ever find yourself or others labeling you with names like these listed above?

If it's from within, odds are it's a pretty relentless and burdensome weight to carry to hear perpetually throughout the day. You may even be cursing your mind for repeating these things.

Worse yet, if names like these are from those close to you- whether by a loved one, a significant other, or another person/professional. It can be very damaging and extremely hurtful.

For me, the names above are names people have called me along the way, and more.

Over the course of time, I have had the opportunity to get to know myself deeper. To know who I truly am.

I AM...

Positive. Loving. Kind. Caring. Optimistic. Adventurous. Invigorated. Inspired. Curious. Grounded. A Healer. A Seeker…

I am me.

What I tell myself is what I am, what I become.

Wiser humans have said, “what you think of me is none of my business”.

Others’ thoughts are based on their own perception, learned values, and life experiences. All of which they are equally entitled to, as they are their truths.

And that doesn’t make them mine. Nor does it have to.

Same for anyone.

Labels can be encouraging or they can be damaging-depending on the attachment to them and where or who they’re coming from. Regardless of what they mean, their validity, good or bad, they are boxes. Ways to categorize. Designed to make sense of a situation or a person. To better understand others in a world of misunderstanding.

Unfortunately, they can be misused. Or worse, used for things that do not need to be or cannot be explained.

I have a choice today. As do you.

I don’t have to subscribe to any of this. I am me. I know who I am.

Self love, self talk, “self” is a beautiful thing. An empowering thing. It is driven by oneself. It can overcome much, if not all, of what others say.

I choose me today. I choose to nurture me. To love me. To encourage me.

I hope that blesses and nurtures you in the process. And if not, I support you in your own journey without owning that as my truth, if they are in conflict.

This has been monumental in my life and has shaped my reality for the positive.

There’s no need to let others tell you who you are.

Truthfully only you know.

I don’t subscribe to any of the aforementioned labels or attempted diagnoses (or misdiagnoses).

I listen to myself today. For what my body wants and needs, and that “inner shaman”, inner healer, I have been lucky enough to be introduced to.

We’re all free to think as we please. Good or Bad. Positive or Negative.

This leads me to you. We are all free to put into our minds whatever we'd like to.

Similar to the types of food we put into our bodies, what we put into our minds will yield different results.

For instance, if I eat McDonalds every day (see Super Size Me Documentary for more details on this) I likely will see less healthy outcomes. My body may become more sluggish, my mind more cloudy, my blood pressure higher, and things like fat and cholesterol may also increase.

In contrast, if I eat a more balanced diet, with fruits and vegetables, amongst a variety of other nutrient-rich foods, odds are my body's health will improve.

Similarly, what I put into my mind acts along the same lines.

If I speak negatively about myself and others, I will yield more negative thoughts. The seeds that are planted will produce more of the same.

Therefore, it is important to put balanced and "nutrient-rich" thoughts into my mind in order to yield those positive results I desire.

The energy from this is astounding and feeds on itself.

Have you ever found that when you are having a negative day more negative things find you? The whole "woke up on the wrong side of the bed" type of day. The negativity feeds on itself. One thing after the next after the next.

Have you ever experienced the opposite and witnessed the results of that energy? Perhaps a new love blossoming, or a day where you get the job you were hoping for, a raise, or something else that positively fuels your day?

While it's important not to be naive to life happening on life's terms, and the reality of life struggles, positivity does in fact breed more positivity as well.

Good people find good people, and energy is attractive. Both positive and negative. If only we keep our eyes open to it.

So the choice ends up being ours. Which is quite empowering!

We get to decide what we put into our minds. We get to choose how we want to view life.

We have control over what we choose to watch. From romantic poetry and comedy shows, to horror films and divisive news reporting, as well as everything in between. We have control over what we choose to read. We have control over what we choose to speak about and who we engage with.

The fact is if we don't like a conversation we can walk away. I've done it plenty of times. We don't have to be held hostage to any negative circumstances (barring outlier tragedies and disasters that occur of course).

So this brings me to you. In an effort to spread more positivity. More joy. More happiness. More love.

What are your “I Ams”?

Traveling has really blessed my mindset in this respect. With the variety of cultures, people, and behaviors, it is easy to see the many blessings we are all gifted with.

I cannot recall the exact quote or the author but there is a beautiful saying that goes along the lines of there is someone, somewhere, asking the universe for the opportunity you have today...don't waste it.

Every moment of life is a precious gift. Every opportunity we have to be with ourselves is a chance to learn how to be more kind and loving towards others and to enhance our own lives.

How we speak to and treat ourselves is a reflection of our values and our ability to share the same with others.

What do you find yourself saying to yourself every day? I promise you are always listening.

I hope they are kind and positive and that they make you feel as amazing as you are!

Much much love to you all-deeply and truly.

Safe Travels as always my friends!

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