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About Me

The World Available- Sober or Otherwise

I was recently told I'm "like a snail", in that I carry my home on my back. This prompted me to look at my life from a new perspective. When people ask me when are you coming home, or where is home, I simply say, I am home. Home is wherever I am, and it is always with me.  

I started NomadicAddictt in 2022 with the goal of inspiring others to travel in a way that’s both thrilling and meaningful. I have always traveled, ever since I got out of my own way and started exploring at about 21, I realized (with the help of a good family member) that I was the only person limiting me from my own happiness. I didn't need permission from anyone or to wait for anyone to go or do anything with me. With a passion for exploration, a hunger to encourage and motivate others, and a past that restricted me from making the most out of my life, I vowed to do better, to be better.

This site is meant for all! It is also dedicated to encouraging and supporting people in recovery from mental health issues, substance use struggles, or any other accompanying "ailments" to find your passion, and to find your freedom.

I have a personal journey of recovery from drinking and substance use triggered mainly from overwhelming anxiety and depression. If you resignate with that as well, then my hope is that you, any and all of you, may experience what I have come to experience, a new freedom and happiness, and true joy connecting with my inner calling. I have come to learn that none of this needs to be understood by anyone other than myself, and my hope for you is you will realize the same. It is the story you tell yourself that matters. 


Like many, I used alcohol and sometimes other drugs (legal/prescription or otherwise) to calm my anxious mind and get out of depressive feelings and unwanted emotions. Truth is, I was suppressing my body from being heard, and was ignoring its request for me to listen to its needs.


While this site is for everyone, old and young, in recovery, weekend party hopper, and/or a normal everyday person, my hope is that my stories, experiences, and blogs can help make your next travel experience the best one yet. Whether you aspire to conquer the world, get your feet wet with a new experience, or get past one fear that has been nagging at you, I am here to share my journey and to support you in carving out yours. I am a solo traveler, I have 2 master's degrees that don't have anything to do with travel, and I have not used a drug or drink since November 28, 2006. This doesn't qualify me for anything outside of a snippet of who I am and a bit of my story which led me to create this site. My resume looks like a frog on Adderall trying to win the most hops on a lily pad race bouncing from place to place. It takes what it takes for us to land where are supposed to land, and I am a firm believer in never having to settle for anything, especially if and when societal norms try to prompt you to. 

World travel is possible. Whether that's solo, with friends, in groups, older, younger, in recovery, or actively out and about, we are all the same. One world, one mission, one life. To pursue freedom and explore what makes us happy, what makes us feel truly alive inside. To hear ourselves and to love ourselves as much as we seek to be loved and to love one another. 

Every photo, video, and/or piece of writing is from me, for you. 

Welcome to NomadicAddictt. I'm beyond excited to share my journey with you and to encourage and inspire you to pursue yours!

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