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Welcome to NomadicAddictt

Embracing the inner Wanderlust and seeking Diversity, Positivity, and Freedom

Join me as I explore the world of travel and share with you countless incredible locations. The purpose of this site is to encourage you to celebrate life and create amazing, lifelong memories and experiences, all of which can be done sober-alcohol and/or drug-free-if you desire. Are you ready for your first/next journey?


Need help with your travel planning, mileage hacks, or recovery/sobriety journey?


Interested in donating to support others in their travel journey and/or healing?


Reach out to me directly at my email below for more information and schedule a free 15-minute visit or click the link here to donate and let's spread the joy of living in this beautiful world for as many as we can!

Citizen of the World- Always on the Move

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